How do I get a slip at the Crane River Marina?
The Crane River Marina is owned and operated by the Town of Danvers and provides dockage for up to 58 vessels. Interested parties must first complete the Crane River Marina Wait List Application . Applicants will be notified upon availability of space.

How do I get a mooring?
Currently, the Town of Danvers is not issuing permits for the installation of new moorings within the harbor. All moorings in Danvers are privately owned and are made available through private sales to waiting list applicants. Parties interested in mooring a vessel in Danvers must first complete the Mooring Waiting List Application Applicants will be notified upon availability.

Where can I get information on a boating class?
Boating classes are offered through the Beverly Power Squadron 1-888-FOR-USPS or log onto

How do I navigate the River?
Danvers Harbor has not been deemed a federal channel. Therefore, it is not marked with the traditional red nuns and green cans. The navigable channels are marked with "Slow, No Wake" cylinder buoys placed in the center of the channel.

What will the weather be like?
The Harbormasters Office does not forecast the weather or give out weather reports. It is the boat operator's responsibility to check the latest weather report before getting under way and during the boat trip.

Where can I get my boat's holding tank pumped out?
The Danversport Yacht Club provides boaters with a dockside pump out facility. Boaters should expect to pay a $10 fee for this service. In addition, the Beverly Harbormasters Office offers these same services, however, the hours of operation are limited.

What should I do if I received a ticket/citation?
See Tickets & Citations

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